Introduction to the Biology of Marine Life, Ninth Edition

Marine Biology in the News

This area contains links to a number of sites that provide daily or weekly reports on new developments in the study of oceanography.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration posts its top news stories right on its home page. On the home page is a link to NOAA Magazine, an e-magazine providing more in-depth coverage of a few stories each month.

The SeaWeb
The SeaWeb organization posts its top news stories right on its home page also. Ocean Upddate Newsletter, a monthly summary of recent news, views and events concerning marine and coastal environments and wildlife" can be found under "Resources."

National Sea Grant College Program

News and Events: Sea Grant: NOAA
The Sea Grant Press Center posts news releases on a variety of marine research and policy topics The National Sea Grant College Program is a partner and bridge between government, academia, industry, scientists, and private citizens to help Americans understand and sustainably use our precious Great Lakes and ocean waters for long-term economic growth.

ScienceNews Online provides weekly stories on breaking scientific discoveries and recent research in all areas of science. You will consistently find articles relating to marine biology. Of special interest to Introduction to the Biology of Marine Life users examining the process of science is the feature, "70 Years Ago in Science News." These news stories from the archives offer interesting perspectives on old theories and discoveries we now sometimes take for granted.

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