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Chapter Title
1 Genes are DNA
2 Genes code for proteins
3 The interrupted gene
4 The content of the genome
5 Genome sequences and gene numbers
6 Clusters and repeats
7 Messenger RNA
8 Protein synthesis
9 Using the genetic code
10 Protein localization
11 Transcription
12 The operon
13 Regulatory RNA
14 Phage strategies
15 The replicon
16 Extrachromosomal replicons
17 Bacterial replication is connected to the cell cycle
18 DNA replication
19 Homologous and site-specific recombination
20 Repair systems
21 Transposons
22 Retroviruses and retroposons
23 Immune diversity
24 Promoters and enhancers
25 Activating transcription
26 RNA splicing and processing
27 Catalytic RNA
28 Chromosomes
29 Nucleosomes
30 Controlling chromatin structure
31 Epigenetic effects are inherited
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