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Chapter Outlines
Chapter 1: Genes are DNA
Chapter 2: Genes code for proteins
Chapter 3: The interrupted gene
Chapter 4: The content of the genome
Chapter 5: Genome sequences and gene numbers
Chapter 6: Clusters and repeats
Chapter 7: Messenger RNA
Chapter 8: Protein synthesis
Chapter 9: Using the genetic code
Chapter 10: Protein localization
Chapter 11: Transcription
Chapter 12: The operon
Chapter 13: Regulatory RNA
Chapter 14: Phage strategies
Chapter 15: The replicon
Chapter 16: Extrachromosomal replicons
Chapter 17: Bacterial replication is connected to the cell cycle
Chapter 18: DNA replication
Chapter 19: Homologous and site-specific recombination
Chapter 20: Repair systems
Chapter 21: Transposons
Chapter 22: Retroviruses and retroposons
Chapter 23: Immune diversity
Chapter 24: Promoters and enhancers
Chapter 25: Activating transcription
Chapter 26: RNA splicing and processing
Chapter 27: Catalytic RNA
Chapter 28: Chromosomes
Chapter 29: Nucleosomes
Chapter 30: Controlling chromatin structure
Chapter 31: Epigenetic effects are inherited
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