Exploring Bioinformatics: A Project-Based Approach
For Students

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DNA Sidebar for Firefox users
This file of bookmarks for important bioinformatic websites can be loaded in the Firefox sidebar for easy accessibility while you are working. Save the file DNASidebar.htm to your computer by right-clicking the link above and choosing 'Save Link As...', then open it in Firefox. Create a bookmark to the page, then edit the bookmark properties and check Load this bookmark in the sidebar. When you access this bookmark, you will have easy access to useful links alongside the page you are working on.

  • NCBI Home Page
  • NCBI Gene Database
  • OMIM
  • CF Mutation Database
  • Stanford Microarray Database
  • GEO
  • Sequence Tools
  • Sequence Manipulation Suite
  • CAP est Assembler
  • Alignment & Comparison
  • BLAST Protein
  • Clustal W
  • Gene Prediction
  • NCBI ORF Finder
  • EasyGene
  • Neural Network Promoter
  • Virtual Footprint
  • MAST
  • CpGProD
  • Structure Prediction
  • Software
  • Chromas Lite
  • Cn3D
  • DeepView
  • MAGIC Tool
  • Miscellaneous
  • Web of Life
  • Genome News Network
  • Hemoglobin Tutorial
  • Link: Jones and Bartlett Publishers